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The users power cannot be seen by the opponent which in turn leaves them open for surprise attacks. It can be used for offensive purposes, such as making the airspace explode, as well as defensive purposes, such as teleporting through it. The most dangerous power of this fruit is that it allows the user to sap the oppenents devil fruit power or strength out of them. Once the power is sapped out of them the opponent can physically see it disappearing into the air as mist.

Weakness: Standard devil fruit weaknesses, leaves the eater blind, an opponent can gain their lost power back by jumping into the dissipating mist before it is gone. Weakness: Standard devil fruit weaknesses, "writing" traps take time to create, but "writing" battle rules or effects act immediately. Power: Allows the user to give life to something else. Some things brought to life may have minds of their own, but will still follow commands of the user. Power: Allows the user to disassemble anything by creating a "net-like pattern" that runs straight through whatever it touches, tangible or intangible, which are then destroyed, or reduced to smaller harmless versions of it self.

However, if used on a living organism human, animal, etc , the recipient is reduced to small "doll-like" versions of themselves and are drained of power.

Weakness: Standard devil fruit weaknesses, if a human recipient is split apart if they have enough will power they can still attack or bring themselves back together. The user can also cast significant influence on humans making those affected his subordinates. The user is also able to use their power to kidnap people and summon them to his aid in battle. Can also use the power to place allies in small orbs that can transport them to different places battle or not.

Unique Trait : The user can possess the body of another being by turning his body into a "ghost-like" form, and entering his new "vessel. Weakness: Standard devil fruit weaknesses, if fused with another being for extended periods of time the user will "forget" his original form getting stuck in the fused body. If the user attempts to fuse with another entity without knowing his original form and fails to switch the user will be released from the possessed victim and die.

Power: Allows the user to charge the kinetic molecule's to make them move much faster in any non-living object. If the user let's go of the object while it is still charged it will explode, the bigger the object the bigger the explosion.

They may charge the molecules' to explode on a smaller scale so the can break into buildings' easier. Weakness: The bigger the object the longer the time is needed to charge it.

Cannot work on anything living. The object's have a glow so it is not much use for a stealth mission or to fully surprise an enemy. power:to turn your body into and create huge amounts of acid that can melt throw any metal, rock and living creature and any attack will pass throw the users body and and cover the object in acid. Power:Able to create devastating earthquakes that can shkae the world , probably one of the worlds strongest devil fruit power.

The power of the Gura Gura No Mi have the power to turn he world upside down and it have the ability to bring an erathquakes bring destruction to all that stand in the ways.

Power: opposing Aokiji's ice logia, the snow logia enables the user to produce, control and become snow, beeing lighter than ice, allowing the user to fly in the form of a small blizzard, the user also can create huge avalanches or cutting ice-shards that can fly at high-speed or a sharp snow-wave, with some effort, the user can create a blast of sub-zero, cold wind to freeze surfaces and partially freeze targets in a thin layer of ice, so as creating blizzards to puch'em apart or even propel a ship in windless areas.

Power: This devils fruit is similar to Bentham Mr. It enables the user to create a clone of any person, including thing such as their clothes, weapons and devils fruit abilities. The original body and the clone are controlled by the one coonciousness. The clone is a person in its own right so if the original body is killed the clone can still live on as if nothing happened. However they will live on in the clone's body so only if they cloned themselves will they live as themselves.

This devils requires that the user be touching the person and concentrating for a few minutes. The user cannot create a clone from memory just because they've made it before. The user cannot make more than one clone. Weaknesses: While creating a clone of the person, the person creating the clone has to concentrate very hard, meaning that they cannot do anything else, such as defending themselves.

Power: allows the user to create cartoonish round dark holes and move'em at will, it takes the form of a black ink-like liquid dripping from the user's hand and when he drops it, expands in a hole, the user can also create this holes in midair, they are seemingly bottonless and can take anything coming inside, the user can also create holes in his own body at reflex, similar to a logia, to let damage pass through, these holes can also negate solid matter, sucking it out when closing, letting a round crater where it was, it has similar effect in living beeings, but will work similar to Trafalgar's devil fruit: the victim wont be hurt.

Power: the Userr will become a ghost, having his body composed of ectoplasm, that can be produced endlessly, the user can also control the produced amount at range and shape the ectoplasm at his own will. This fruit also allows the user levitation and the power to go through solid matter, so as produce green fireballs like will-o-wisps. Power: basically, a "midas's touch" ftui, allows the user to turn to gold while he touch instantly, including living beeings, the user can also ire a golden, laser-like light that will slowly turn toi gold while beeing use, so he can turn only a selected place into gold, the user can also create golden objects from nothing, including coins he can throw like a shotgun, the user can also cover himself in gold to protect himself.

Weakness: Seastone, Water the water can also turn back anything turned to gold, but the objects he create from nothing are unnafected. Power: allows the user to be a dream, an illusion, he can create illusions realistic enough to even cause the feeling of pain and such, when hit, his body will behave as a simple illusion, usually, this power can be seen as a glowing, fog-like multicolored light, this power can also enter the target's mind, creating a realistic dream or trap it in insanity.

this fruit's attacks, the name of the doctor and the fruit's sahpe is a reference to "alice in wonderland". Power: alows the user to control, become and produce endless amounts of Ink, unlike the other liquid logias, the user cant be quite trapped in containers, as he can use the ink to phase through the container's walls just like the ink sticks on a surface, he can go far and through it the user can also "paint" a target and control it using the ink to pull it's body and harder the ink as spikes or slashing shots.

Weakness: Seastone, water and extra weakness because the water can wash the ink away from surfaces, but it wont affect the user of the devil fruit. Power: Allows user to control fossils and the dead, when struck the user shatters into bones and can reconstruct themselves, can use bones as armor, a shield, or a weapon as well as reanimate the dead.

Similar to a necromancer. With great concentration can control the living. Power: allows the user to create, control, and transform into clay at will. The user can also use endure the clay to make weapons.

Devil Fruit Name: Kuma Kuma No Mi, Sō hokkyokuguma Bear Bear Fruit, polar bear model. Power: Allows the user to turn in a Polar Bear or Polar-Human. Allows the user to withstand temperatures below zero and have claws that cut really well, especially ice.

Power: gives the ability to change the terms of an object changing its element. Powers: Gives you the power's of the devils, once the devil user takes a human life they are granted the life of that person making the devil user live longer. Not much is known about it.. Powers: Allows you to turn into a dragon.

Qives you power's to breath fire, fly, hard dragon scales. Powers: Turns user into a star man. You can move as fast as a shooting star, you can melt things, and create a supernova. Powers: Gives the user power over earth and allows you to become earth. can create giant rock limbs or anything to suit the users purpose.

Weakness: Typical devil fruit user weakness such as, water, and seastone. Also the person isn´t a full logia so they can get hit by physical attacks unless the block it with an energy shield.

Powers: Lets the eater control the four elements water, fire,earth, air and some other things blood lava plants lightning metal. Weekness:Typical devil fruit user weakness such as, water, haki, and seastone Note: Even if they can control water they can stell not swim. Powers: This fruit allows the user into a person covered in darkness.

They can rot away anything they touch or anything in their path. They can combine haki powers with their devil fruit powers. Typical devil fruit user weakness such as water, seastone. the users power cancels out when facing someone who has kuro-kuro no mi dark-dark fruit.

powers:this fruit gives the ability to user to make a big number of copies of anything even himself. Every copy has the exact same abilities as the original. he can also change things on the appearance of the copies as he wants. weakness: Typical devil fruit user weaknesses as sea stone, sea water, haki. Hitting the original cause damage to every copy but damaging a copy doesn't damage the original so the awareness of the opponent is it's main weakness Powers : This fruit turns the user into a sun person.

They are able to transform their body into a sun like being. They shine brightly as if the sun was rising. While in their sun form they can vaporize anything they touch and vice-versa. They can vastly change the temperature around them. They may wake up anyone who has been put to sleep by someone using the Yume Yume no Mi. Being too close to the user can cause sun burn. Weakness : Typical devil fruit user weakness such as water, haki, and sea stone.

The users powers cancel out when facing someone who has the Yume Yume no Mi Dream-Dream Fruit abilities. Powers : The user has the ability to shoot a cosmic ray to make people fall asleep for the users desired amount of time. They may also control the dreams of the people they put to sleep. Weakness : Typical devil fruit user weakness such as, water, haki, and seastone. The users powers cancel out when facing someone who has the Asa-Asa no Mi abilities. It is shaped like a dragonfruit and colored dark blue.

Interestingly enough, the Water Water Fruit defies anything that weakens other Devil Fruit powers such as the Seastone. It could be because that the Water Water Fruit was create from underwater. However, the disadvantages of the Water Water Fruit powers include weakness against electricity, intense heat that boils water, freezing ice, and liquid toxins.

Appearance: A racime of limes with three limes, black colored with many circle-shaped marks and a green inner. Power s : This Mythical Zoan-type fruit enables the user to turn into a dragon the winged-reptile european dragon , giving the user also the ability to breathe fire. Besides the fire and the flying, the user can also poison his victim by biting it. The Eastern dragon Model poisons the mind, and the Western dragon Model poisons the body. Appearance: A white sugar cane with light orange inner color, with many s-shaped marks like the Gomu Gomu No Mi.

Power s : This Mythical Zoan-type fruit enables the user to turn into a dragon the snake-like chinese dragon , giving the user also the ability to breathe fire. Unlike the Western dragon Model, the user cannot fly freely but can hover from the ground, allowing him to move with exceptional agility but not too far from the ground. The user can move underground almost as easily as it moves over it and can also project heavy psychic stress over other creatures.

Appearance: A orange-red plum racime plums are like grapes but larger consisting of 4 plums like the Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model: Giraffe which has more than one fruit body with curls in the center, like the Yami Yami no mi. Power s : This Logia-type fruit enables the user to turn himself into metal and switch between liquid an solid in order to shape-shift like the Ame Ame no Mi and harden himself for defense purposes.

Being a logia type, it grants the user to regenerate or reconstruct is body using the element. Much like in the Terminator movie a pun of this in the anime would be actually fantastic. Appearance: Takes the form of a cyan-colored mango fruit that is slightly-larger than average sized and covered with the usual Devil Fruit swirls all over the surface. Power s : This Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit allows the user to turn into an Impundulu , a mythological avian creature of occult background that is said to have power over lightning and thunder by calling them forth using its wings and talons.

User can also summon static discharges around their person to enhance their physical capabilities, reflexes, and reaction time. And like all Zoans, the user apart from the default form has the option of turning into a fully-transformed beast form, and a hybrid form. Weakness es : The powers afforded by this Fruit are only available whenever the User s are assuming their Full-Zoan of Hybrid Zoan Forms.

Apart from that, there are also the usual DF weaknesses. Appearance: A green apple fruit with a pointed yellow cone located at its center that protudes to the top; and like the rest of its kind, it is covered in swirls.

Power s : This Paramecia-type fruit enables the user to treat matter both living and lifeless , with the exception of liquids, as though they were fluid in state, making it possible for the user to "swim" through them.

Weaknesses: Uncommon to most Devil Fruits, the Dive Dive Fruit's powers does not extend to the owners clothes. This means that the user must discard their clothing and items while using this Fruit's abilities, as they would slip out of the user's grip while the Dive DIve Fruit's powers are active.

Power s : This Paramecia-type fruit turns the consumer into a "shop" of sorts. Said attributes can range from memories, learned skills, innate talents, and even Devil Fruit powers. Weaknesses: This Fruit does not barter mastery and skill in the use of Haki or any other combat style, as true fighting skill can only be learned through experience in the field of battle.

Other than that, the user is also susceptible to typical DF weaknesses. Appearance: A yellow grape fruit about the size of a man's fist. Like all Devil Fruits, it is covered in swirls. Power s : This Paramecia-type fruit allows the user to become a "bank" of sorts. Only rather than money, the Fruit's power causes people's "power levels" similar to Douriki to be channeled though and through as currency.

Burrowing for extended periods can cause a "bankruptcy", where the burrower must then pay up twice the amount of strength level they have burrowed. The Fruit's user can also indulge in such transactions, but must be wary of the consequences. Weaknesses: The Fruit's greatest weakness lies in the fact that the user cannot commit "transactions" and both store and loan other people's powers without their proper permission.

And even then, the power level of only one individual can be utilized at any given time. Power s : This Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit allows the user to turn into an Sasquatch , a bipedal primate-like mammalian creature of considerable size, and yet said to able to elude detection if it so chooses.

Apart from the 3 typical Zoan forms granted by the fruit, the user also gains the ability to render their entire body invisible in a manner not unlike to a Suke Suke Fruit user. With the only difference is that the invisibility does not extend to anything or anyone other than the user's body.

Power s : This Logia-type fruit allows the user to convert their body into a collective of binary code. If the user would be attacked, the attack would go right through him as if attacking a hologram. Can also "upload" items into a storage space by converting them to data, and "download" them for use at any time, upon which they disappear after use.

Can "delete" non-sentient objects. Capable of infiltrating computers and transmitters as if a virus. If the user is injured he can "repair" the damaged area if not fatal. Can also create up to 5 digital copies for up to 5 minutes. If the user is killed they can use a backup copy of themselves to come back to life. This technique can only be used twice.

Ultimate attack involves pulling the opponent into a matrix of binary code where the opponent is at the user's mercy. The weakness of this fruit is electricity over-exposure and transmission jamming. Power s : This Ancient Zoan-type devil fruit allows the user to turn into a full mammoth and a mammoth hybrid at will, giving the user the strength and weight of a mammoth.

Can also use large tusks in combat and to carry heavy things. The weakness of this fruit is exposure to heat. Appearance: An un-ripe lemon, most of it is green with a few spots of yellow, about the size of someone's fist, tastes of melons. Power s : A Paramecia type devil fruit which allows the user to manipulate time, would also prevent the user from aging from when the fruit is consumed.

The fruit would essentially mean that they cannot be beaten in combat as all of the opponents' moves would be predicted, countered or prevented. Weaknesses are the user is still vulnerable when asleep, sea stone still takes affect on the user and only if the user can use can sense the location of the time time user and use the king haki.

However they are two types of time time fruits, the rewind and fast foward which will be eaten by two twin sisters which one will join luffys crew. The weakness of this fruit is exposure to heat,. Appearance : A pear shape fruit that has yellow and off white spirals going from the top to the bottom. Power s : Allows user to create any size, thickness, strengeth, and toughness rope from their body and can control it.

They can turn the majority of their body into really thick and strong rope. They can also control any rope that is within meters of them making them really useful on a ship. Weakness : normal weakness apply. Also weak ageist fire, causes the rope to ignite and melt. Appearance : Has a round bottom and three nubs like a pear has on top. Is a bluish purple color. Power s : This Ancient Zoan-type devil fruit allows the user to turn fully into Cerberus or a Cerberus hybrid at will, giving the user the senses and traits of a canine.

They can have one or three heads in hybrid mode. Each head leans to a different form of thinking, one is aggressive, one is defensive, well the other can differ depending on the person. This can cause problems in some situations. Powers: Allows user to turn completely into a mythical Griffin or into a hybrid human-griffin form. This gives the user the power to see in very long distances and develop a great amount of speed.

Stop-Stop Fruit. Powers: Allows the user to basically nullify devil-fruit users' abilities against the eater. Weakness: Probably the fact that the eater has to rely on his own skills since he can now fight equally with devil-fruit users.

Power: User can turn into wind and create a room-like air-less bubble around himself, similar to Law and Bege's Akuma no Mi.

User: MangaryuAi Power: The user can distort any solid matter. His distortions can mean he stretches, bends, or pinches the material in any way he desires.

He can also cause matter to have less density and let things pass through it, and then return it to its original density. Objects he is distorting can be split into multiple pieces. so he can make a hole appear in something to avoid an attack, or he can make bullets shoot out of metal. He can also make more matter of a paticular object but only while he is touching it. He uses this to create a suit of armor out of a small piece of metal. Power: Can remove any living persons face, and then attach it to any living person.

All of a person's injuries are stored in their face, so he can heal anyone by removing their face and hurt people by throwing injured faces onto them. People without faces can still eat food, speak, and see; although they don't have eyes or mouthes they can't smell though. If someone recieves an injury while they don't have a face, that injury will stay no matter what face they wear.

He has learned how to summon the spirit of a mask, which he can control,and fuse with these spirits. When fused he is stronger and has multiple faces, essentially must be killed twice or more.

Spirits do not bear the injuries of the masks neither does he when fused. Power: Can remove the color of any person, animal, plant, or object. The color can then be reformed into anything he might need, like a sword, ladder, robe, life-size controllable elephant, etc. Anything made of color is as hard as iron. He can also absorb color into his body for later use. Weakness: Standard Weaknesses , Black-and-white objects; if something gets far enough away from it's color, Color-Colors , the color will fly back to it and turn back to normal old colors, regardless of what shape the where in.

when you clap it makes you temperarily deaf. Weakness: Large objects take time to form and drains the users energy, standard devil fruit users weaknesses. Power : Allows the user to control heat, whether its making it hotter or cooler. The user can also manipulate the heat into spheres of heat that explode on contact, releasing a large amount of heat.

The user can also send heat waves and condense heat to create small explosions. Weakness : Cold temperatures Under 0 degrees celsius, which is the freezing point of water , lack of energy like running out of breath, or being drained of your energy and the normal Devil fruit weaknesses. Power: Allows user to sprout guns and transforms limbs into guns and cannons, allows user to control other peoples guns.

Note: Property of Lauer D. Jacob of the Stawhat Pirates. Most powerful devil fruit ever, can even defeat a logia. Jacob of the Strawhat Pirates. Most powerful Logia devil fruit ever. Weakness: Extreme heat or cold, standard devil weaknesses, cannot mix wih seawater or any other body of water. Power: Allows user to decay anything they touch, the user gains the life span of the person or thing they decay. Weakness: Standard devil fruit weaknesses, and unrottable materials water, fire, lightning, Etc.

Weakness: Standard devil fruit weaknesses, swarm becomes uncontrollable when seperated from main hornet. Weakness: Standard devil fruit weaknesses, swarm becomes crazy at the smell of blood, after engorging, becomes too heavy and slow to fly. Power : like the impact dial the user can absorbe the impact given to him from any kaind of attack swords hammers guns other devil fruit users and send it right back to the enemy it can also send force push like attacks and at max power it can have the same effect as the reject dial with out hurting the fruit user as much as the reject dial would.

power: gives the user the ability to both control and turn into shadows, the user are able to manipukate their opponents shadows and transform them in various forms spikes, weapons, animals or other. a talented user can make clones of their opponents to use againtst them the clones have all the originals abilities , they can also use it to copy the weapons of their opponents.

it cancels out light based powers as both light and dark must coexist. Power: Gives the user a move called: Kin'niku ponpu Muscle pump pushing kinetic energy into their body pumping their muscles changing their physcial appearance. The abilitiy to control kinetic energy which can give the user the ability to destory an entire landscape.

Next to the rest of the other powers there comes a reverse effect called Senzai-tekina potential giving the user the power to just flex their pinky and isntantly come up with an entire strategy and going through with it to defeat an entire army. Weakness:Even though the fruit gives the user kientic abilties the power is completely useless in water. Consumer: Seido Herumetto Meaning Bronze Helmet due to his Bronze Helm he uses to bash through soild objects with his head; also has a bounty of ,, Appearance: Crescent shaped, thinner on the ends.

White with lavender swirls. Power: Basically like really advanced mind control. The user of this fruit can control what someone sees, hears, and thinks. Say you saw a crow, the user of this fruit could make it seem like you just saw a giant floating whale.

This fruit can manipulate someone's eyes into choosing to ignore you. It can block off people's memories. It can use the brain to make you seem like you are in agonizing pain, when really nothing is wrong with you. It can paralyze you by cutting off the signal from the brain to legs. Also, though the user can't read peoples minds, they can sense emotions.

Although extremely difficult to learn how to do, the user can project themselves into someone else's dreams and communicate. Weakness: This fruit is one of the most powerful paramecia fruits, but it takes very complex understanding of the brain to use properly. It would take years of studying to fully reach this fruit's potential. You could easily screw up someone's brain and accidently kill them instead of helping them. Also, by the way this fruit blocks off memories, it is very challenging to recover them without causing damage to the brain.

Normal weaknesses devil's fruit weaknesses apply. Description: This is a paramecia type fruit which makes the user able to control, transform and produce moisture by creating water particles in the air. The user can hence become a "fog-man". Strengths: This ability grants the user the ability to become fog. While this element doesn't do any physical harm to humans it can actually suffocate them by producing so much water particles in the area that there aren't enough oxygen to breathe.

The user will also be able to become invisible, by producing minimal amounts of water particles while transforming, and not being visible in the air. Weaknesses: Busoshoku Haki, Kairoseki, Fire, Magma Sewil , November 25 - Power: Allows user to make and eat Akuma no mi devil fruit copies that have the same ability as the real one as well as make new ones.

If anyone but the user eats one on the copies it will act like a poison that has no antidote and can't be healed. Consumer: Yami D. Power:entire body is harder than titanium and Sharper than a katana, can rotate any Part of body at high speeds eg spinning tip of finger or Whole arm drilling threw even Dimond. Weakness: if hit with a wave of extremely powerful Blast of pure darkness energy there is a 1 in 5 chance There will be a solar eclipse and both users sun and darkness Will cease to exist ,also water, hachi and sea stone.

Appearence: very bumpy and red Power can cause any thing they touch to exploud including air. Power :user can blow up any thing they touch including Aircan also absorb explosions ,trap explosions and become Explosions. Weakness :power won't work if user is slightly damp or if it's raining ,other devil fruit weaknesses User captain Thomas nuke of the gunpowder crew ,king Of the pirates son ,of monkey D Luffy, bounty.

Power: Allows the user to turn into, control, and grow any plant. exept for devil fruits. Strengths: The user can turn into any plant excluding aquatic plants. The user can grow plants as long as she has soil,water,sun,ect. The user can turn into a plant and grow if they have enough room. The user can also heal themselves;say some one cut off the users finger. It would grow back in a muinute or two. The bigger the ingury the longer it takes to heal. This fruit would be helpful for a cook, doctor, or carpenter.

Power:can create limitless supply's of Beli ,can turn into pile of Beli in this form Beli can fly but one must always be on the ground ,turn people animals and things to Beli With a touch and can attract and control Beli.

The lower triangle has three concentric circles within it, with its center being a solid mass. The solid mass is actual physical reality as we common experience it, the most material portion of creation. The circles represent the three realms: Physical, Celestial and Angelic labeled here as the Elemental, Aether, and Emperean.

Macrocosmic thesis, Figure 2; Fiat Lux, let there be light. This symbol turned up on the 2nd illuminati box in the Breakin' Feds heist. This is the 2nd figure in Fludd's macrocosm creation theory, and a visual equivalent for the "let there be light" part of Genesis in Fludd's ideas on creation. This is effectively the start of Fludd's macrocosm image sequence that wordsmith's avatars were progressing through before the heist was released. Does this box contain the light of creation?

Is it more likely to be an object that with the right context can be represented by the light of creation? Yeah probably. Judging by the extra symbols on the LH Triangle diagram, it's possible that there could be 3 boxes, all of which contain something or a part of something that we have to combine with the central fleur object assumed to be the perseid medal to reconstruct some kind of artifact, possibly the now eponymous "Baldwin's Lament".

Interpreting the LH diagram as "get the 3 things and combine them somehow with the 4th, or to get to the 4th" kinda makes sense, and the Fiat Lux symbol is a perfect stand-in for the very simplistic ouroboros-looking symbol.

Actually, we might need to get that back from him. Their placement within each realm seems to associate the symbol or the contents of the box with the part of renaissance cosmology it presides over, or possibly each one of the 3 kings. If the Lament is a physical item, maybe they each took a piece of it after using it, to keep it safe?

Overall, the LH Triangle appears to have the same meaning as words' first avatar, it conflates the fleur symbol with the totality of god, or possibly enlightenment.

Now we can see what things are assigned to the realms that -make up- the totality of the triangle though. So with this paragraph, it should be said that all three boxes after retrieval have been brought to the safehouse. And afterwards, opened and assembled with the Fleur medallion. Inside are parts to build a contraption needed to eventually access the rest of the Payday 2 Secret which is hiding under the White House.

Skepticguy96 makes a website, and rants about a conspiracy between the fbi and the payday gang, and while he gets some major details twisted he's more or less in the ballpark of the truth.

Eventually he records garret, overhearing him dealing with the Kataru, and then receives a live feed from Henry's Rock just as the payday gang launches their assault on the facility.

The Kataru then raid his place like they did to Bain, and shoot him twice, presumably killing him. GenSec have now taken the website down, implying that they're yet another company under the Kataru's control.

Note that all of the text below has been transcribed exactly as presented in the original website. When the truth calls, one must answer, even if the deep-state is probably recording, extracting and cataloguing everything I do online. The tentacles of the government goes deeper than I ever imagined, and the rotten core of Washington needs to be exposed. Everything from something as insignificant as potholes might seem like a small thing, but everything is corruption.

Everything is money changing hands and whoever rules everything from sugar content in soda, which supplier of asphalt to use and the question why black painted helicopters hovers over certain houses at night. Hopefully it can help me in my search for the government's secret! But as I had to wait for my guy to get back to me. I spend my weekend reading up and reaching out the preppers.

Cause think about it? If the government provides us with electricity and stuff, they can also take it from away. Just like that!! I promise you that! Time for my live-feed. Hope this goes somewhere, but I have to say he done did good so far. My guy really pulled through. Are they moles maybe? Everybody blames the mobs for everything, but go deeper, see who runs the mob! They are all just puppets, organized crime myass. More like organized white house!

The mob is just a front, every time that someone needs to be taken out or a problems solved. They call some mobsters. JFK and that whole thing really came close on exposing what some suits in a rooms on capitol hill decided. But then they managed to pin it on one lonely weirdo. Nothing could be further from the real truth. JFK was just a hit ordered by some general and executed by mobsters.

As always. And now they are doing it again. It seems weird, I mean he did shoot the camera, but why else are they inside the FBI HQ?

I just head about an clown sighting out in a old industrial area awhile back. They were banding some pimped out guns — not like regular street thug hardware. I will have to dig deeper here and get back too you tomorrow.

Uncovering the truth is a heavy job to do on the side but you know what they say… someone got to do it! I am starting a collection of leads intro this clown case. Me and my source has satred collecting police reports related to Mr. America and his gruop. Send your police report here. So I checked out this industrial area outside of the city, you know. I just wanted to give some warming about it. I got words on the whereabouts of the clowns, so now I got a rendevouz with destiny.

Anyway, I headed out to the area, and spend a lot of time in my car, I feel like a real god damn private eye or like a one man army! But guess what!! I found the clowns!!!! They came like in broad daylight, in a van, and just ran into this seemingly abandoned place. Huge brick building. I hid in some bushes and snapped some shots.

It seemed like this one guy in a weird mask looking like a statue kept talking and the other guys in even a evener rader mask and pimped out weapons were really yyy paying attention. So some kind of arguing. I know some of you are believers and some doubt my shit. But when the hammer of justice falls you will be judged! Just connect the dots!!! I know a lot of you kinda think that drones are just harmless toy.

You see some here and there, just like floating arounds. Like in the 60s we had orbiting space shuttles orbiting the earth in orbit. and then silent helicopters and now drones! We are ALL RECORDED!!! Sometimes you see these drones, other times they hide in the darkness. All the sound from the city is covering their buzzing sounds. And they guy who sent me this clip with Garrett and the clown wanted to personally hand me this. According to my guy it comes directly from the FBI sewers, straight from Garrett!!

Built the firewalls went ballistic according to this guy, and this was what he managed to get. Cause this is probably something big. See the triangle at the bottom.? I will get back to you with more info. This shit keeps getting more and more realer. Stay Vigilant and Stay Protected! Cause the less I know the better if Garrett kicks in the door one day.

So in the papers today there was talks about a breakin, where someone robbed the weapons manufacturer up statef. Its just outside of town and appearantly there was some security footage recorded and now the news papers and police together are asking for information about someone in a wheelchair.

I mean like people talk about chemtrails. I mean information are key! They collect all you personal infpo to keep trak of you and monitor you. Cause if you know where everyone are, you can make up patterns. Like as you press the STOP button on a bus, or maybe press and elevator buttons somewhere. Wear gloves! And like the drones, and not eating food from vacuum packages. Because knowing is knowledge as I said, and we must of have our privacy! So even though all of this crap, I had to step out, being exposed, to find out more about the clowns and Mr.

America and all that. Cause like now I keep gettin closer. I could go to the police with all of this. The clowns are up to something wired. The guy in a wheelchair seems to involved, and I even got a glimpse of a huge minigun type of weapon that they fired like crazy?!?! How come nobody hear that noice?!! So you rember the video feed where I gots to see Garrett on the phone with the clowns sneaking around? So I followed him around and ended up in this suburbs.

He stoped under a bridge and seamd to be waiting for someone, I managed to sneak up close and hide in the bushes. I had left my car and followed the last bit hieding the bushes and trust me when I tell you taht my heat was pounding like crazy. This is for reals now, I can get shot. Or something. But I can not stand by idleing like a fool if something is wrong in the world.

Everything is corruption and our reality is all twisted! Luckely, I had brought my recording equip so I got some audio. And I tell you, this is some mindblowing stuff1!! In it Garrett talks about Bain like some of the believers on my website have talked about, but I need to dig deeper to know who or what that really is.

The phone call was super short and I think Garrett almost saw me, or at least liek I think so, so I got the hell out of there and just got back to my car and hopefully nobody saw me. So, Stay Vigilant and Stay Protected. Getting all these stats together has proven good for my further work with making a timeline of the clowns. Cause these clowns are not just simple robbers, they are up to something else, sometingh biggest. I do not know exactly.

Hard for me to exactly pin point who they are, where they come from. But Mr. So anyways, the police reports have been so great, and some of them really stand out a bit more than other, liek: officer Terwynd and D. Why Big thanks for you aid when it comes to unveiling the truth. Also, I recommend you to move within the next three moths I would hate if soemthing were to happen to you.

And thanks to your all police reports I can really pinpiont what eht clowns have been up to! I just got a link! Chekc it out! Duke also recieved a new voice line in the safehouse, confirming what we already suspected about the Kataru. Enthusiastic amateurs in comparison. Legends say they acquired a magical artifact of some kind, if you can believe in that sort of thing.

And somehow, they seem to be behind all this. On April 26, 3 days after the release of the Breakin' Feds heist where the Payday Gang steals an item Garrett was going to give to the organization, he was sent another e-mail, which seems to threaten his wife. The solution, , was one of the possible codes to the safe and - possibly by coincidence - the date that the Kataru's first e-mail was received.

The word "Lamhu" is used in the message, which is one of many Sumerian names for Irkalla , the equivalent of "hell" in Mesopotamian mythology; an underworld from which there is no return. We would have thought you more intelligent than to conclude that not answering our last attempts at telephone communication would result is a positive outcome for anyone.

Suffice it to say, you do not appear to fully realize whom, or what, you are dealing with. The truth of the matter is, that if you remain loyal, fate may yet gift you the prize you seek and hinder you from falling into lamhu.

Regardless of recent happenings, something is now in. The gang retrieves a 3rd Illuminati box, with Fludd's "Reflected Diamond" symbol on the front, and re-obtains the 1st box that they stole for the dentist, with the Eye of Providence on the front.

When the Locke sends the gang after the "reflected diamond" box, one of the possible locations for the Murkies to have stashed it is inside of a giant golden box, which locke refers to as an "Ark". Presumably an "Ark of the covenant" type of object. Atop the box are 2 eagle statues and 12 buttons with Egyptian engravings on them that have to be pressed in a specific order, which can be found in the form of photos in the piles of paper scattered around the room. Once the box is open, those with a keen eye will notice that around the base of the box there are 3 diamond-shaped buttons engraved with each of the boxes symbols, along with a blank space at the back of the box.

One of the possible box locations is behind a door in the Rock's biotics lab, which contains a large cylindrical chamber with a giant mummy inside, suspended in some kind of liquid. This giant mummy is reminiscent of the picture from the BcKendrick museum in the Diamond heist, featuring a group of 3 people standing before a giant humanoid creature frozen inside of a block of ice.

There is a large hyle triangle constructed out of metal embedded in the floor of the main room. Here's a breakdown of all the things on it and what they might mean.

The words chosen for the 3 stars are also demons of the underworld in sumerian mythology. Of course, this brings into question whether they should be translated as literal words or their demonic counterparts.

On either side of the circles containing the names of the stars are 3 sets of 2 alchemical symbols. On August 10th , Overkill released the promotional teaser site for the Icebreaker heist, which was quickly found to contain 3 images of puzzle pieces depicting a rainy scene hidden in the source code.

Individual puzzle pieces were posted on twitter and discord by the game's developers and voice actors over a period of a few days, and 2 hidden behind riddles. Our brave following was led down a path. An obstacle was presented before them, a hindrance.

It would seem impassable, the solution unachievable. All tried and failed, no one possessed the ability to overcome the challenge. All but a select few. Unbeknownst to all, three champions wore selected. Noone knew who, not even the champions themselves could identify anyone else but himself.

Now they need to join their sword fight for the good of the brave following. With everyone behind them, would they overcome the obstacle? Would they be victorious? Only time can tell. But remember that a champion is only as strong as the following he leads. They lead their strength to him and together all shall prevail. One of my cats just came in and made a lot of noise. I ran it through the universal translator TM and this is what I got. On the 8th day, the star fell and brightened the mountains.

There, from the land which gave copper, came the first Watcher. Such lights she gives as guide my barque; But I am swallowed in the swell Of her heart's ocean, sagely dark, That holds my heaven and holds my hell. Day 1 of the event marked the release of Joy for the PC version of PAYDAY 2 , and also provided information on the object being sold in the black-tie auction, identifying it as an Astrolabe , an ancient astrological device used to measure the inclined position in the sky of a celestial body.

The "Astrolabe" in question resembles some kind of telescope instead of a disc, and is said to have been "found in a lead-lined and insulated wooden box aboard the dog sled" and "unusual in design and much more complex than usual for the time period in which this style of device was common. This update also added the 3 boxes to the safehouse trophy list, allowing us to take them out of storage and open then with the medallion, revealing that they contain several metal rings and an orb inscribed with writing in an ancient language.

The diamond box is shown to be empty, meaning that we're missing 1 big hexagonal piece. For more information on the pieces, please refer to the Coffers and their Contents section below. This journal was "found amongst the possessions on the sled driver", and "appears to contain a personal account of the Shacklethorne expedition.

Day 3 of the Icebreaker event saw the release of the Shacklethorne Auction heist, in which the gang infiltrates an auction in an old manor in Salem to steal the hexagonal obsidian plate missing from the diamond box. The signet ring was found on the skeletal hand of the sled driver, and "appears to be made of gold, though metallurgical analysis revealed the presence of additional unknown metallic alloys.

Strangely it has remained in "immaculate condition" despite being subjected to the harsh conditions of the antarctic for several hundred years.

The telescope sports leather coverings, and is approximately 70cm long when extended. After completing the heist, the plate can be displayed in the safehouse along with the other parts. Just like the other pieces, playing the piano near while it is on the table will have unexpected results; namely that a luminous pattern will appear on the plate's surface, covered in writing in the same ancient language, along with egyptian heiroglyphics, constellations and a depiction of a Mayan deity.

For more information on the plate, please refer to the Coffers and their Contents section below. Translation guide for the inscriptions on the objects found in each of the coffers. In the wake of the Shacklethorne Auction job, the payday gang is now in possession of all three pieces of whatever it is Baldwin's Lament is meant to be, and their descriptions have been added to the Trophies menu. Once taken out of their boxes, the pieces vibrate in reaction to the sound of the piano in Scarface's room being played.

However, the obsidian plate reacts differently, and playing the piano while it is on the table will uncover luminous etchings on the plate's surface, covered in writing in the same ancient language as the rings, along with egyptian heiroglyphics, a star map and depictions of deities from sumerian and mayan creation myths. Duke moves over to the kitchen area while the boxes are on display, and has various remarks about the "Time of Alignment" prophecy that's been foretold in various ways up to this point.

It waits, Dead but Dreaming beneath the Earth, until the Time of Alignment. Three and One, Four and One. The Watcher returns. Complete Golden Grin Casino and Henry's Rock on any difficulty. One, two, three, three, one. Open them and see the darkness engulf the world, to the bain of all as a new Watchman ascends. Zi dingir kia kanpa, zi dingir anna kanpa. Complete Breakin' Feds on any difficulty. From hell's heart thou art stabbed.

For hate's sake, the darkness spits at thee. Thou will not find respite upon this Earth. Complete Henry's Rock on any difficulty. The Obsidian Plate Some things are best forgotten, lest the secrets they hold undo the world.

Offer your flesh, your heart, to stave the darkness. Stare into the abyss long enough, and you will welcome the end, for in the cracks and hollows, the Earth is good.

Complete the Shacklethorne Heist on Normal Difficulty or above. Sir, I have a short update on the surveillance tracker you asked us to arrange. We were getting a steady signal from it, but we lost it. Garrett recieved this email shortly after the gang retrieved the obsidian plate from the auction at the shacklethrone estate, detailing the loss of some kind of tracking signal they had been monitoring when a localised earthquake struck DC. It's possible that the quake happened when the payday gang took the pieces out of the the coffers and uncovered the luminous engravings on the obsidian plate with the help of scarface's piano.

At the time the signal went dark, it was apparently moving due south in the pacific ocean, presumably headed straight for the coordinates of the Dreaming Temple from the obsidian plate.

After 2 months of radio silence, commissioner Garrett recieved this email from James Wyre, further explaining why there hasn't been any more correspondence between himself and the Kataru after the exchange of The Elephant's coffer went sour thanks to the actions of the Payday Gang in the Breakin Feds heist.

The email goes on to implicate the Kataru in a much larger conspiracy within the American government, having apparently sent messages to government bodies as high up as the oval office. Their interest in a certain local bakery also might imply they are looking into Vlad's business, which was implied to be run out of a bakery on the evidence board in Hoxton Revenge.

On October 19th , Overkill announced the Breaking News event, celebrating the 7th anniversary of PDTH and rumoring "Big things" were about to happen, with one reporter at the CNM news network apparently clued in enough to let people know what's going on. The golden hoxton mask was also released along with the event, completing the set of gold masks for the original crew. The first day of the Breaking News event saw the release of the first CNM news broadcast, "Corruption in Congress".

Simmons would not specify individual targets of the investigation, simply stating, "This goes all the way to the top. Released alongside the report was a recording from the reporter's phone, mentioning someone left a USB stick marked with the letters S. was on her desk. could possibly be Solomon Garrett, and it would make sense for him to want to help undermine the kataru's plans.

Additionally, a small patch was released that added the golden houston mask, with a description talking about a trial by fire for the payday gang where they will face off against "a power they haven't seen the limit of", and a plate of cupcake wrappers left on a wooden barstool in safehouse's kitchen area, among which is what appears to be The Diamond itself.

Day 2 was accompanied by the release of the Hell's Island heist. With the help of The Elephant, Locke managed to locate Bain, who is being held hostage by murkywater at the kataru's behest inside wikipedia:Fort Clatsop , an abandoned World War II hospital located on a small island in international waters, just off the north coast of Oregon.

The gang attempts to sneak in through the sewers, but upon emerging into the facility find themselves surrounded by murkywater guards, as the dentist addresses them over the prison's loudspeaker, quoting a line from Paradise Lost by John Milton; possibly conflating himself with the character of Satan.

The payday gang then race after Bain, passing through the chamber where he was seen being tortured on the screen in Henrys Rock, and finally meeting up with him outside; bloody and bruised after killing Kento, who lays dead on the floor beside him.

Bain briefly greets the crew, before collapsing onto the floor next to Kento. Unable to continue fighting, Locke carries Bain on his back as the gang fights their way to the helipad, escaping in a chopper locke had arranged beforehand. In his delirium, Bain mutters some interesting info while Locke carries him that sets the stage for things to come.

In the heist's debriefing, locke goes on to inform the crew that the murkies have infected bain with some kind of life-threatening virus, and that a medical team is looking into his condition. After playing the hymn, the discs will configure themselves horizontally and light up the sphere at the center, which will transcribe messages onto the plate below when interacted with.

Each message describes "the four thieves" completing a specific achievement on a variety of heists. Players are assigned 20 achievements from a possible pool of 50, which need to be completed to be deemed worthy to access the Ark of the Watcher. Google document containing each achievement listed by their order in the steam achievements menu, courtesy of: Fudglepoopman, Marc Tomasek, Dunsch, and many other members of the community.

GitHub repository containing the same information plus solutions for later parts of the Secret. Note: After completing the piano puzzle and assembling the device, DO NOT play the piano puzzle a second time , as this will draw a new set of 20 achievements from the pool of 50, which would have to be completed to regain the worthiness requirement for the secret. You need to have done the piano puzzle, then have completed the 20 achievements written on the obsidian plate.

The plate will rotate through the 20 achievement descriptions each time you interact with it. You can have already completed the achievements before playing the piano. Once the crew reaches the PEOC, the painting in the conference room will glow and allow you to take it off the wall.

Once the glowing painting has been removed, the lobby will be locked and nobody can rejoin if they disconnect. A prompt will appear to place C4 on the cracked wall where the painting hanged, creating an entrance into the cavern below once it is detonated. Down in the depths of the cave system there is a large wheel covered in Katarui, which asks various riddles that can be answered by rotating the central plates with the levers found in the same room.

While solving the riddles, demon cloakers will spawn behind the levers. These demons will not drop ammo, so it is recommended that the crew brings ammo bags. All of the riddles are read in a counterclockwise direction, while their answers are spelt right-to-left, as shown in the example below. After solving four riddles, the vault will open, revealing a long corridor leading to a vast cylindrical chamber with a gold-capped obsidian pyramid resting at the center of a wide platform.

Once inside, stay near the pyramid until The Dentist begins his monologue addressing each member of the team, note the ashen remains of Baldwin on the floor near the connecting bridge, then start to walk back towards the entrance. The stone doors will open, revealing Bain and Vernon Locke being held at gunpoint. Bain will give the signal to shoot the Dentist, which must be done quickly and without leaving the thresholds of the Ark room, or he will shoot either Bain or Locke, failing the mission.

Once The Dentist is dead, a countdown to failure will begin. Haul the Mayan gold bag into the room with the golden pyramid, then dump it on the floor and place each bar into a slot on the ground. Once all slots have been filled, the Ark lights up and the heist ends. After completing the secret and successfully activating the ark of the watcher, you'll unlock PAYDAY 2 Secret-themed versions of the 4 original heisters' masks. Also the "Offshore Payday" DLC will be downloaded, containing 2 new ending cinematics.

As a leader, he has had to sacrifice much throughout his career. Jobs, team members, personal goals- whatever it takes to get the job done. As Mesoamerican cultures sacrificed to the gods to appease them, so has Dallas sacrificed to the gods of heisting- the contractors. The Sumerians began an age of wisdom, music, spiritual strength and had the imagination to dream up ideas of how the world began. On the surface, Chains may be a professional weapons-master, but inside, he is larger than life itself, and thus honors the culture which this mask represents.

Where did they come from, the ones who gifted mankind with the greatest gift, the ones whose civilization may lie beneath the surface of earth and water? Whoever they were, most traces of their existence has been wiped away by the passage of time.

Hoxton, the traveler in search of a new future, may not know the truth, but he bears their mask nonetheless in honor of the origin of the Secret. Viciousness, denial of death, and gold- all aspects of how the ancient Egyptians prospered and conquered, in defiance of all. So it is somehow fitting that Wolf should don a mask honoring that ancient culture.

The Offshore Payday ending sees the gang relaxing around a TV on the beach, surrounded by unmarked metal briefcases full of cash. They chat about what's next for them, having used their presidential pardons stolen from the PEOC to escape the life of crime. Once Chains gets the TV working, they watch an address from the new president of the united states, who awards a medal of honor to Commissioner Garrett, and then goes on to talk about strengthening his nation so that every working employee will have earned their pay.

The final words in his speech are "Let's do this" - this combined with some of Bain's voice lines during the Ark's activation "Time for a new perspective. Mankind's days are numbered; whatever they achieve is but the wind. Even thou art afraid of death, in spite of your heroic might. No one is tall enough to reach heaven; no one can reach wide enough to stretch over the mountains. Since a man cannot pass beyond the final end of life, I want to set off into the mountains, to establish my renown there.

While the irin serve. Several mysterious elements have popped up in PAYDAY 2 over the years, but have been concluded to not have any relation to the secret for the reasons listed. Use this to store trivia related to the secret. Names of thoes who first completed the secret. Payday Wiki Explore.

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Characters The Payday Gang Contractors Aldstone Bob McKendrick Gage Solomon Garrett Minor characters PDTH Minor characters PD2. Enemies PDTH Enemies PD2 Special Enemies PDTH Special Enemies PD2.

FBI Murkywater GenSec. Overkill Software Lion Game Lion. FANDOM Home Fan Central BETA Games Anime Movies TV Video. Explore Wikis Community Central. Don't have an account? in: Unreleased content , PAYDAY 2 , Secret ARG. PAYDAY 2 Secret ARG. Edit source History Talk 0. Kataru [ ] Old: Originally, an alliance of three "Kings" who shared control of the world with some all-powerful item.

They are also seeking out the Lament. Garnet Group [ ] Powerful company that has been hit by the gang multiple times. Bob McKendrick [ ] DC Mayor who worked with the Elephant. The Dentist [ ] One of the Three Kings, the Doctor. The Elephant [ ] One of the three kings. Scribe King [ ] Heavily implied to be Vlad by multiple sources, including dialogue spoken by Chains in the safe house, his presence of Vagliostro's vault, his cooperation with the Dentist and lines, ingame since launch, about having a mind "like a library".

Lindenhurst [ ] A "regent" someone who rules in a monarch's absence who was murdered in approximately after hiding the Medallion of the Perseids and giving info about the whole mess to Duke's ancestor, Desmond. Watchers [ ] Ancient order that "watched over" the Lament; basically supervised its use and prevented abuse. Cagliostro [ ] Main author of the Guide of Bain. One more thing I found is that some websites uses a platform that checks the User Agent.

If the value contains: "HeadlessChrome" the behavior can be weird when using headless mode. The bot detection I've seen seems more sophisticated or at least different than what I've read through in the answers below. This time around, instead of clicking with the mouse, I use Selenium in the Python console to click the same element with a random offset. It seems mysterious, but I guess they can just determine whether an action originates from Selenium or not, while they don't care whether the browser itself was opened via Selenium or not.

Or can they determine if the window has focus? It would be interesting to hear if anyone has any insights. It sounds like they are behind a web application firewall. Take a look at modsecurity and OWASP to see how those work. In reality, what you are asking is how to do bot detection evasion. That is not what Selenium WebDriver is for. It is for testing your web application not hitting other web applications. It is possible, but basically, you'd have to look at what a WAF looks for in their rule set and specifically avoid it with selenium if you can.

Even then, it might still not work because you don't know what WAF they are using. You did the right first step, that is, faking the user agent. If that didn't work though, then a WAF is in place and you probably need to get more tricky.

Point taken from other answer. Make sure your user agent is actually being set correctly first. Maybe have it hit a local web server or sniff the traffic going out. Even if you are sending all the right data e.

For example, visiting a site then immediately going to perform some action by moving the mouse directly to the relevant button, in less than a second, is something no user would actually do.

Some sites will detect selenium by the browser's fingeprints and other data, other sites will detect selenium based on behavior, not only based on what you do, but what you don't do as well. You can change some fingerprints with options , like user agent and others, see the results by yourself.

It seems to me the simplest way to do it with Selenium is to intercept the XHR that sends back the browser fingerprint. Selenium is supposed to make things like this easier, not way harder. Write an HTML page with the following code. You will see that in the DOM selenium applies a webdriver attribute in the outerHTML:. But, I want to warn that this ability was fixed in ChromeDriver So probably you should use older versions of chrome.

Also, as another option, you can try using InternetExplorerDriver instead of Chrome. As for me, IE does not block at all without any hacks. Selenium webdriver: Modifying navigator. Unable to hide "Chrome is being controlled by automated software" infobar within Chrome v works for some websites when using Selenium WebDriver along with Google Chrome, since many sites check for this variable in order to avoid being scraped by Selenium.

The Chromium developers recently added a 2nd headless mode in , which no longer adds HeadlessChrome to the user agent string. This new headless mode makes Chromium browsers work just like regular mode, which means they won't be as easily detected as Chrome in the older headless mode.

Combine that with other tools such as undetected-chromedriver for maximum evasion against Selenium-detection. Stack Overflow for Teams — Start collaborating and sharing organizational knowledge. Create a free Team Why Teams? Learn more about Collectives. Learn more about Teams. Can a website detect when you are using Selenium with chromedriver? Ask Question. Asked 7 years, 2 months ago. Modified 19 days ago. Viewed k times.

com' If you browse around stubhub you'll get redirected and 'blocked' within one or two requests. How do they do it? javascript python google-chrome selenium selenium-chromedriver. Improve this question. edited Nov 28 at Peter Mortensen asked Oct 20, at Ryan Weinstein Ryan Weinstein 6, 4 4 gold badges 17 17 silver badges 22 22 bronze badges.

RyanWeinstein: It is not traffic. My guess is that Selenium needs to expose some JavaScript hooks which can be detected on the client-side JavaScript. Or if it is traffic then it is a traffic pattern you are browsing pages too fast.

I'm not browsing too fast. I only load a single page and I navigate through it normally using my mouse and keyboard. Also it doesn't make sense that Selenium needs to expose hooks, because its literally running chrome.

It just runs normal chrome and allows you to get data from it. Any other ideas? I was thinking maybe it has something to do with cookies. This is driving me crazy. This site uses distill bot detection technology and delivers content using akamaitechnologies. com CDN from diffrent ips e. I am experiencing the same issue with Selenium and the firefox driver. The interesting thing to note is I am running Selenium in a VMWare Workstation Virtual Machine that is accessing the internet through a NAT.

The host machine is able to access stubhub, while the VM is unable to access when using Selenium, or even the browser instance Selenium launched. I had the VM Browser instance Blocked and stubhub still recognizes the machine and has it blocked.

So it must be performing a fingerprint of the browser and machine in some manner. Show 14 more comments. Sorted by: Reset to default.

Highest score default Trending recent votes count more Date modified newest first Date created oldest first. toString ['indexOf'] 'Sequentum'! Improve this answer. edited Dec 9, at answered Dec 19, at Erti-Chris Eelmaa Erti-Chris Eelmaa yes it worked without probs, note one problem is if you fell into the "blacklist" BEFORE this change, it's quite hard to get out.

if you want to get out of the existing black list, you need to implement fake canvas fingerprinting, disable flash, change IP, and change request header order swap language and Accept headers. Once you fell into the blacklist, they have very good measures to track you, even if you change IP, even if you open chrome in incognito, etc — Erti-Chris Eelmaa. exe in a hex editor and it worked! I also noticed that if you maximize the browser window rather than use a predefined size it's detected less often.

was this on windows, osx, or linux? Hex editing on osx doesn't seem to work. Erti-ChrisEelmaa Is there any undetectable open-source fork which you are aware of? Show 23 more comments. Using Vim or Perl prevents you from having to recompile source code or use a hex editor. The methods below were tested on chromedriver version 2. You can choose anything as long as it has the same amount of characters as the search string e.

To save the changes and quit, type :wq! and press return. If you need to quit without saving changes, type :q! answered Aug 31, at colossatr0n colossatr0n 2, 1 1 gold badge 11 11 silver badges 17 17 bronze badges. LekaBaper Thanks for the heads up. The chromedriver version that I used was version 2. Did not worked even when I used this chromedriver.

exe modification on new physical computer on different network. it's give an error says, this version cannot work in this computer : — Walid Bousseta.

Note that the chromedriver people have declared this issue won't-fix, so you can expect to have to use a fork or edit the binary for the indefinite future. Show 19 more comments. It'll take time and additional challenges to understand how exactly they are detecting Selenium, but what can we say for sure at the moment: it's not related to the actions you take with Selenium. Once you navigate to the site, you get immediately detected and banned. I've tried to add artificial random delays between actions, take a pause after the page is loaded - nothing helped it's not about browser fingerprint either.

I tried it in multiple browsers with clean profiles and not, incognito modes, but nothing helped since, according to the hint in the interview, this was "reverse engineering", I suspect this is done with some JavaScript code being executed in the browser revealing that this is a browser automated via Selenium WebDriver I decided to post it as an answer, since clearly: Can a website detect when you are using selenium with chromedriver? answered Oct 28, at alecxe alecxe k gold badges silver badges bronze badges.

RyanWeinstein well, we have no actual proof and we can only speculate and test. For now, I would say they have a way to detect us using selenium. Try experimenting with selenium versions - this may give you some clues. Could it have to do with how ephemeral ports are determined?

The method stays away from well-known ranges. I think they are detecting navigator. webdriver in chrome webdriver. I tried to make navigator. It returns a bot detect page instead of distilnetworks. html — hoozecn. can you please help solving issue mentioned in this question stackoverflow. Add a comment. Here are my two cents: According to the article Browser detection using the user agent serving different webpages or services to different browsers is usually not among the best of ideas.

Considerations for browser detection The idea behind detecting the browser can be either of the following: Trying to work around a specific bug in some specific variant or specific version of a webbrowser. Trying to check for the existence of a specific feature that some browsers don't yet support.

Trying to provide different HTML depending on which browser is being used. Alternative of browser detection through UserAgents Some of the alternatives of browser detection are as follows: Implementing a test to detect how the browser implements the API of a feature and determine how to use it from that.

An example was Chrome unflagged experimental lookbehind support in regular expressions. Adapting the design technique of Progressive enhancement which would involve developing a website in layers , using a bottom-up approach, starting with a simpler layer and improving the capabilities of the site in successive layers, each using more features.

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The PAYDAY 2 Secret ARG Alternate Reality Game has existed since before the game's release, with content related to the Secret in the Guide of Bain , and hints to the Secret having been added into the game over the years.

Due to the nature of the PAYDAY 2 Secret, this article will be split into multiple pages as it is expanded. Someone should probably write a more florid description here later, but for now I'll keep it short.

Since the game is still active, the purpose of this page for now is to exist as an efficient reference for literally everything secret related please keep it in the right categories though, if it's totally random speculation maybe put it in the infodump for now; we'll probably need a seperate "theories" page eventually if people want to contribute the more complex ones.

And secondly for it to function as an easy source of information for people who aren't super involved in this, to cut down on general confusion. Keep speculation out of the initial descriptions, and keep the image descriptions factual and to the point.

Overview of all individual parties, organizations and dates possibly involved in the secret, with a timeline; courtesy of Finale. Old: Originally, an alliance of three "Kings" who shared control of the world with some all-powerful item. In with the burning of the White House, a Watcher, Baldwin, attempted to steal an artifact that was the source of their power, which would be called Baldwin's Lament.

Baldwin disappeared. As a result of this event, the alliance collapsed into a power struggle and the Lament was either hidden away or split up. It's implied by Wordsmith's avatars that one of the kings is dead - implying that the others aren't.

It appears that the Kings are immortal. New: Controls Murkywater and implied to have ties to Gensec, the Garnet Group, and multiple other organizations. Leadership figures are the Dentist, and Kento, who leads Murkywater on his behalf. There is no indication that Kento is the Dentist's Watcher.

Powerful company that has been hit by the gang multiple times. Leader, Garnet Senior, is mysterious. Material from RvD suggests the company was involved with Kataru, and that they are also researching the Lament. DC Mayor who worked with the Elephant. Ancestor helped set up the McKendrick Museum. Has betrayed the gang- unclear whether he's working for Kataru, the Elephant, or himself.

One of the Three Kings, the Doctor. The Dentist is implied to have been operating for longer than would make sense for a person with a normal lifespan. He's been indirectly implied to have either died and returned, or to actually be a demon. This in turn implies that either the Lament gave the Kings supernatural powers. It has been revealed that the Dentist either leads, or is a member of, the new Kataru. Currently holding Bain prisoner. He is implied to be behind the "curse" that forces the Diamond to change hands.

One of the three kings. Attempted to manipulate the gang, particularly against Kataru. Was under arrest due to collusion between Kataru and the feds. Heavily implied to be Vlad by multiple sources, including dialogue spoken by Chains in the safe house, his presence of Vagliostro's vault, his cooperation with the Dentist and lines, ingame since launch, about having a mind "like a library".

It appears Vlad either wrote the Guide of Bain under the name "Cagliostro," or that Cagliostro was his Watcher, whom he dictated it to. This led to the appointment of Lindenhurst as a "regent" to manage his part of the lament. A "regent" someone who rules in a monarch's absence who was murdered in approximately after hiding the Medallion of the Perseids and giving info about the whole mess to Duke's ancestor, Desmond.

Apparently worked for Kataru. Ancient order that "watched over" the Lament; basically supervised its use and prevented abuse. Treated as analogous to a squires or pages, subservient to Kataru. Baldwin and Cagliostro were both indicated to likely be members. Given some inconsistencies, it's possible the Watchers are also immortal or non-aging. It appears that for at least part of Kataru's history, each King had a dedicated Watcher though there may have been more than just three of them.

It's indicated that all of the Watchers were killed when the old Kataru alliance broke down. It's further implied that Bain may have effectively become a new Watcher.

It may be the case that Watchers also had supernatural powers, tied to preventing the abuse of the Lament. Like Kings, it seems Watchers wear signet rings showing their association with and position within Kataru. Main author of the Guide of Bain. Probably also a Watcher. Bain claims "he was on to the Secret.

One of the Watchers, and a source of some pages of the Guide of Bain. Disappeared after attempting to steal the artifact that was the source of Kataru's power, apparently "came to grief. Bain has apparently been seeking him for some time, as he remarks in the guide's closing notes that "the search for Baldwin continues We now know that Baldwin was a Watcher working for the Dentist, and that he attempted to access the Ark in , using gold he'd stolen from the Treasury. The gold was not sufficiently pure, and Baldwin was vaporized by the Ark or possibly the Nephilim in the attempt.

This led to the sealing of the Ark and the escalation of suspicions that ultimately broke the old Kataru up. The Boss. It has been implied that the Elephant was hoping to groom him as a new Watcher. Was being held by Kataru but as of the Hell's Island heist has been freed but appears to be infected with blood from the No Mercy patient, and is dying fast.

I have no clue what's up with Vlad. Why was he in that vault in ? Is he a traitor? Associated with Kataru? One of the Kings? One of the Watchers?

According to the Vlad's Rodina weapon skin he has apparently "taken down entire organizations on his own" in the past, so he's not to be underestimated. Only 2 things are certain, he apparently went to seattle and made some kind of arrangement with "The biggest crime organization in the world", going on to say that crimenet is nothing compared to their operation.

although he also says that they are larger than the elephant and the dentist, who we now know are part of the Kataru He also doesn't appear to think much of the payday gang, not even correctly remembering Chains' alias in their exchange. Interestingly, he remarks in the Crimefest trailer while sitting inside the vault room filled with safes that he "spits at the elephant and the dentist" now known to be members of the new-era Kataru, and that "they chose Vlad and Vlad only.

Obviously this is a joke about the Steam Marketplace, but his choice of words are still interesting considering the entire trailer is themed after the Guide of Bain. New: He is most definitely a King "Send my regards to Kozak.

And Simmons" - The Dentist, Hell's Island. The Guide of Bain is a promotional PDF released as part of PAYDAY 2 's Career Criminal Edition , to provide players with a rudimentary manual on the know hows of the game. Judging by the cover, the book itself was clearly originally owned by 'Cagliostro', as Bain has taped over his name on the cover and written his own name over the top.

Throughout the guide, bain has written down various remarks in red ink on certain pages, some of which talk about Cagliostro, and how he was "on to The Secret". In addition to instructions on how to play the game, the guide also contains peculiar tarot-themed imagery similar to the engravings from the film "the ninth gate". Each of the nine images is signed by one of two authors, either 'CGO' or 'BDN'. It's pretty likely that CGO is Cagliostro, and many people speculate that BDN is Baldwin, who was referenced in the original PDTH secret.

Codex n. Latin for "manuscript volume" especially an ancient one. Raptus is Latin for "seized", from rapere "to seize". This image is a medieval-themed reinterpretation of the painting " De opstanding van Christus "; The Ressurection of Christ, by an unknown artist credited as the "Master of the Amsterdam Death of the Virgin".

The original painting appears inside of the meth lab on day 1 of the Rats heist and on the 2nd floor of the jewlery store on Day 1 of the Reservoir Dogs heist, and is part of a diptych with the "Last Supper" painting from the original PDTH Secret ARG. This image depicts a jester carrying a bag up a staircase to a small stone tower. There is a cluster of 3 mushrooms to the right of the steps, and a hot air balloon can be seen flying by in the background.

A man peering through a spyglass stands atop a hill, beside a tree with an arrow through its trunk that is adorned with a crown, which has a square lantern containing a key hanging from its branches. Beneath the hill, a treasure chest can be seen burning. The crowned tree in this image is commonly used in kabbalistic imagery to depict the Tree of life. An overt reference to this image appears in the 2 murals on either side of big bank's skylight, depicting a crowned figure standing between four pillars, looking through a spyglass at something to his right and holding a single arrow in his left hand.

This is possibly the image of the guide with the most speculation, simply because it's referenced in multiple heists. This image depicts an area at the end of a pathway between 2 buildings, with a bow drill placed atop a square slab-like object. The sun and moon are visible in the sky above either building, along with the namesake imagery of the "Wheel of Fortune" tarot card in the Rider-Waite tarot deck. A single gravestone can be seen infront of the building on the right. There is a small window on the side of the tower closed off by 3 bars, with a plaque with the number "IV" enscribed on it in roman numerals.

A steady stream of water flows out of the window and down onto the ground, forming a small river past a wiry-looking shrub. A cloud with 3 stars under it sits in the sky above a depiction of Lady Justice, who stands infront of the wall holding a sword and a set of scales. This page shows a man wearing a long garment and a triangular necklace taking notes in what appears to be a small laboratory. He is holding a thick book under his arm with the number "III" on the cover in roman numerals, and has a tongue of flame above his head.

On the table in the background there is a skull with a bullethole in its forehead, along with 2 beakers containing some kind of liquid. Down on the floor there's a circular rug with a curious pattern on it and a 6-sided die that has rolled a 1.

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Obviously this is a joke about the Steam Marketplace, but his choice of words are still interesting considering the entire trailer is themed after the Guide of Bain. October 27, at am. Andrew says:. Weakness es : The powers afforded by this Fruit are only available whenever the User s are assuming their Full-Zoan of Hybrid Zoan Forms. The solid mass is actual physical reality as we common experience it, the most material portion of creation. April 7, at pm. The Eastern dragon Model poisons the mind, and the Western dragon Model poisons the body.

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